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"I came up with the plot overnight. The film was shot for one week. But it took us many months to create computer graphics."
Ilya Plyusnin
Producer, Director
A Sci-Fi Short Film (9 min)


A typical office plankton Leonid living a boring life under a load of daily issues is struggling to finish the annual report for his obnoxious boss when he suddenly gets a chance of getting hold of mighty powers and show the world who the real boss in the town is with a little help from unearthly invaders!

A Fantasy Short Film (~ min)


Looking for help after an empty country road car accident Denis stumbles upon a forest hut which basement appears to imprison a young woman presumably gone missing a few days before when her fearsome abductor suddenly shows up.

"An ambitious project, we were able to use the best decorators, stuntmen and cameramen."
Vasily Shestovets
Director, Producer
"When they asked what was the most difficult part of this project. I remember the endless takes with the cat. Until the circus actor Murzik was brought to us, we could not carry out our plans."
Vasily Shestovets
Director, Producer
A Sci-Fi Short Film (47 min)


Dazed by Arthur Weiman’s impossible and impeccable luck while investigating his enormous winning streak in the lotteries, Police Investigator Gordeev engages in a daring experiment, winning a huge jackpot when he meets the suspect again under circumstances that make him question who the lucky guy really is.

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