1st River Production

Our Story

We are an independent filmmaking team that was lucky enough to unite not only by friendship, but also by working in the same company, having similar interests, and most importantly – we love making film. We make movies as a hobby, while taking filming very seriously and with professional approach. That’s why we invite drama theater actors in our films, and pay a lot of attention to software and hardware used.

What is our passion?

Our passion is to bring stories to the screen. Create a new reality that every viewer could immerse themselves into. Open windows to parallel worlds. That’s why we are often inspired by sci-fi and fantasy plots.


Shooting is one of our favorite process. And also, the hardest one. Time track is lost when you do your 14th take just to nail the result. Love the balancing between following the script vs improv on set which lets everyone’s creativity take effect.


Editing is just as fun as shooting, but without on-set pressure and tight schedule. How many edits can one film have? No one knows for sure. We keep going until we’re happy with the results and our friends and cast members have to just wait patiently until we finish a movie (thanks, we appreciate it). CGI is another hitch that takes forever to finalize. But how on earth can you make movies without giant starships or implausible creatures in them? We don’t know too.


It’s all for fun! We enjoy every moment of creating a film, and we hope viewers will enjoy every minute of watching it.


Our Core Team

We’ve been making films for almost a decade now and still retain our core people. As we are very small in number and very independent, we have to share the roles across movie making list of jobs from script writing and casting to finishing touches on a completed film. The same friends, whose common love for cinema united them in their hobby.

Ilya Plyusnin

Producer, Director

Vasily Shestovets

Director, Producer

Konstantin Zavoloka

Creative Director

Our vision of good movie